Custom -based Development Solutions and Services to meet your varied Business Needs

Blockchainfirst is a blockchain service provider helping businesses grow in the world of this new era of inventions. Our aim is to deliver innovative and end-to-end customized blockchain solutions in almost every blockchain domain from B2B companies, financial, IoT, Blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. We are best known for building faster and risk-free applications based on distributed ledger technology such as, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, EOS and of course Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash.


What we can offer

Even there is a temptation to do so much more in the Blockchain space, we are very focused on some certain areas. Read below about what we can offer you.


Validating technical approaches offered by a blockchain framework, we help you to assess whether the chosen solution addresses your needs. Blockchainfirst also investigates into alternatives to employ, as well as identifies the aspects to be further improved.


Blockchainfirst builds a working solution out of a concept for you to get an early feedback from end users and prove the product feasibility.


We help small business, enterprises and start ups to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market suites a particular case. Blockchainfirst  also aids you in removing both business and technology-related constraints on the way.


With extensive expertise in implementing blockchain for different industries, we develop competitive and innovative solutions to serve the needs of your target users.


Fast and agile turn-key solution delivery

See your ideas implemented into real life and bringing revenue.

1. Idea evaluation

Collaborating with experts of Blockchainfirst, you will be able to evaluate feasibility of a blockchain-based project to be developed, define the success criteria, and elaborate a delivery strategy with minimum time-to-market.

3. Continuous improvement and support

Blockchainfirst team is always on guard to assist you in further improving the developed solution up to the demands of end users.

2. Product / solution delivery

Developers at Blockchainfirst are respectful to meeting critical deadlines and the established budget, while ensuring the product’s excellence.

4. Product / solution design

Our engineers design the solution’s architecture, relying on tried-and-true approaches and mature blockchain frameworks.

5. Transition into production

Complying with your user acquisition plan, we take care to seamlessly move from deployment into production.


Explore real blockchain cases

Check out our latest Blockchain use cases

Car Wallet

When we received our BMW i3, we where excited about the innovation that lies under the hood of this car. The car has an integrated cellular modem and is therefore always online. Via a modern API (Application Programming Interface) you can communicate directly with the car and design marvellous apps.

Blockckchain & IOT

In this Showcase we have this tiny less then 2 Dollar Ethan BIoT Device integrated into this coffee machine. This device has a build in Wifi Module and is connected to the internet. We also have softwarewise implemented a so to speak light client. You can set a Wallet Address in this device and if the money, the user send correspond to the value 30 cent, the Ethan BIoT triggers the internal electronic in order to brew a fresh coffee.


Truck Wallet & Blockchain Maut System

What does “Truck Wallet” mean ?

The “Truck Wallet” is basically an electronic wallet with a Wallet Address based on a so-called “smart contract”

Welcome To Blockchain!

Blockchain your business!

Our consulting approach helps you develop your powerful blockchain use case. We address all major pain points that come with implementing this novel technology.