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Blockchainfirst About Us

The Story So Far

Blockchinfirst began when Juergen Schaar was Charmed and obsessed about Blockchain Technologie and started immediate develop practical use cases in order to demonstrate  none technical Companies and People about the infinite possibilities of  this highly disruptive emerging technologie.

As as an Entrepreneur, Software- and Electronic Engineer for more than 25 years i have seen coming a lot of new technologies. However Blockchain technology without any doubt has the most potential to change the way how we do business, how we work and how we are going to live in the future. I never ever seen a new technology its impact will effect our society this big, but in a much better way.

Tightly knit, creative, innovative, global

  • We are a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team that believe in lean development, design strategy, and user experience to develop stunning applications with emerging technology.
  • We’re a multi disciplinary team of engineers, experience designers, and managers.
  • We help our clients envision what is possible with emerging Blockchain technologies.
  • We help clients realize their product vision, and build in-house development capabilities.
  • We use state of the art tools, frameworks and components in order to deliver high sophisticated Solutions..
  • We’re passionate about our craft, and love what we do everyday.

Where We Are?

Marina Bay Financial Centre (Tower 3), 018982 Singapore


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Send us an email and we reply as soon as possible